What's New in Education

New York State Education Department, Goals 2000: a funding initiative for schools that scored below 140 in ELA and/or math on their 2000 School Report Card. Awards will range from $10,000 to $200,000 with grants at the higher end probably reserved for the Cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. This offering is a bit peculiar in that districts will submit requests to Erie 1 BOCES that will, through its Regional School Support Center, re-grant NYSED funds to eligible schools. The deadlines are: July 30, October 31 and January 31. All funds must be expended by August 1, 2002

New York State Education Department, Targeted Instructional Staff Development: funds to support initiatives at the local level that build the capacity of schools/districts and that advance comprehensive district planning and systemic change. Research and local school data should be used to identify professional development needs that must be reflected in the school=s own professional development plan. Professional development will focus on the NYS standards and assessments. Up to $300,000 although most awards will be substantially less. Deadline is July 9.

New York State Department of Education, Mentor Teacher Internship Program Grant: funds to improve the professional performance of entry level teachers as they collaborate with seasoned educators in the design, development and delivery of technology enriched, instructional units that are aligned with the standards. Award amounts are generally based on the total proportionate salary of participating mentors and teachers i.e. 10% per person. Deadline is July 14. US Department of Education, Teaching American History: funds to improve student achievement by increasing teachers= knowledge, understanding and appreciation of American History. LEAs, with post-secondaries and/or non-profits, will develop, document, evaluate and disseminate professional development models. Up to $1 million over 36 months. Deadline is July 30.

US Department of Education, Dropout Prevention Demonstration: funds to strengthen and expand dropout prevention demonstration projects that cohesively employ strategies that have proven to be effective in enabling at-risk students to remain in school, graduate and achieve to high standards.( Applicants should e-mail a "Letter of Intent" by June 21 ) $200,000-$500,000 over 12 months. Deadline is July 23.

US Department of Education, Arts in Education Model Projects: funds to support LEAs and non-profit or post-secondary partners in the development, documentation, evaluation and dissemination of innovative cohesive models, with proven track records, that: demonstrate the effective integration of art into the core elementary and middle school curriculum; strengthen arts instruction; and that improve students= academic achievements including their skills in the visual, performing and literary arts. ( E-mail "Letter of Intent" requested by June 15 ) $350,000-$1 million over 36 months. Deadline is July 16